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-db- Race Server Rules
  • 1] No swearing (cussing), name-calling or otherwise foul language (profanity)

    2] No offensive player names

    3] No racial/homophobic slurs *punishable with an instant ban*

    4] No arguing with admins. or other guests in our servers

    NOTE: Take any comments you may have, regarding an occurrence in-game, to our forums.

    5] Do not bad-mouth anyone or any clan

    6] No camping (Camping is here defined as controlling any one point/area of the map, by staying one place and attacking any by-passers)

    7] No 'hog-camping ('Hog-camping is here defined as occupying/firing from the gun-turret of a warthog vehicle, without a driver; disallowed on -db- race servers, with exception for instances where you and another team-mate are approaching a 'hog, and you man the gun-turret just before your driver joins you… and only when he/she joins you are you permitted to fire)

    NOTE: When you (re)spawn, make an honest effort to get in a driver's seat, where practical; remember: most everyone likes to gun, so it's unfair for you to expect to always be driven around. It's generally encouraged that you avoid first manning the gun-turret, unless there's already someone in the driver's seat, as it may happen that your intentions are misconstrued by our admins… at which point disciplinary action may follow. Furthermore, you may fire immediately when your driver joins you in a 'hog, assuming that he/she will drive off right away. Should you remain stationary, however, DON'T FIRE unless you can see that your driver is waiting on a nearby team-mate to get in the passenger seat… at which point you may defend the process of teaming up, as from any enemy of whom is posing a threat.

    8] No spawn-camping (Spawn-camping is defined here as hanging around [on-foot]/circling [in-vehicle] a known spawn area and attacking/killing players who appear there, when re-spawning)

    9] No map-walking (Map-walking is here defined as walking the map, in spite of there being a vehicle available [at the base] within your vicinity)

    NOTE: If there are no vehicles within close proximity, continue on-foot to your next nav. point, until you're picked up or you otherwise 'hog-jack a by-passer. Whilst you never have to accept a passenger seat, should you decide to, and, in so doing, pass up other available 'hogs, you're not, then, permitted to, later, jump out to 'hog-jack, at random; instead, you're to remain in the passenger seat until slain, an opportunity to team-up as a gunner presents itself, or you otherwise come upon a vacant 'hog.

    10] No chasing kills (Chase-killing is here defined as going out of your way to slay someone, whilst on-foot or in-vehicle)

    NOTE: Your first priority should be to RACE, continuing on to your next nav. point, at all times. If you notice your driver chasing kills, you're just as responsible if you're actively gunning for him/her… so, DON'T FIRE. This also means that you should wait a few moments before you resume/begin actively gunning, if you think your driver was, indeed, chasing… allowing the enemy/victim a chance to find a safe distance from you, again; if possible, report your driver's actions to an admin. When taking evasive action, avoid spinning more than once, opting, instead, to veer off in an unexpected path, that somewhat keeps you headed towards your navs. or combining that with a single pirouette, of sorts (no doubling back the way you came, to avoid danger, unless it's on your way, you're driving alone or looking to team up).

    11] No playing slayer (Slayer-play is here defined as attacking, whilst on-foot, when there are vehicles enough for all or attacking others on-foot, when there aren't any vehicles nearby)

    NOTE: If you're on-foot, don't attack others on-foot, unless it is in fighting for a single remaining vehicle. In every other circumstance of being on foot, you should be focusing all efforts toward continuing on to your next nav. point. 'Hog-jacking is only permitted when there are no other 'hogs available at the base nearest you, or upon encountering an enemy 'hog, if there were none available when you left said base (always check [again], when you spawn). Whilst on-foot, DON'T 'nade or otherwise attack, when your vehicle is overturned or at map start (again, unless there's only one vehicle remaining; i.e. when you're being forcefully 'hog-jacked by an enemy, in which case you may certainly defend yourself). Never leave your vehicle to attack/kill another player, unless stuck with a plasma grenade, or upon being attacked to within an inch of your life, by a 'hog-jacker (last resort).

    12] Never attack team-mates

    13] Team up with other players, whenever applicable; two per 'hog, or three, if vehicles are limited in supply

    NOTE: It is better strategy for your TEAM (as a whole) to win, as opposed to just you getting first place (and your team losing, overall).

    14] No team-ramming (Team-ramming is in reference to the act of [when driving] bumping/slamming into other team-mates of whom are on-foot or in-vehicle)

    NOTE: Use common sense when driving, as you would in any other aspect of life. Try to always pull to the right, if approaching another team-mate in a vehicle, unless they pull left before you notice them… in which case you should also pull left, following suit.

    15] Don't go A.F.K. (away from keyboard) in a full server for longer than is reasonable (minute or two, at the most)

    NOTE: If you must go A.F.K., alert your team and avoid taking up positions of importance (i.e. gunner/driver of a 'hog). Rather, get in a passenger seat and express your intended absence to your driver. To turn off/on (re)spawning, use the following command: /afk

    16] No stealing seats (Seat-stealing is the act of taking a team-mate's seat, without their consent; commonly occurs when a vehicle is overturned, or if someone gets out to grab a health pack/power-up/etc.—disallowed on -db- race servers, with exception for cases where you're in immediate danger of an approaching/nearby enemy)

    NOTE: If someone is hiding from danger, whether using their 'hog to shield themselves or somewhere else in the immediate vicinity, don't take their 'hog (same team or not)… unless you've no other 'hog at your disposal (wait for your team-mate, where applicable).
Have fun!!
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