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.::Clan Roster::.

Roster, rules, server & donation details, all found here.

.::Clan Roster::.

by -db-goNe » Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:48 am

~Diverging from the Believable: Roster

-db- Leader: 1
goNe :can: :ger:

-db- Members: 19
Buffy :ned:
CoPe :srb: :ger:
Vinci :ned:
ERAZOR :eng:
Duckles :usa:
Deadly1 :usa:
§tormer :usa:
Hermes :usa:
Mike :eng:
hassen :fra:
Ozzie :eng:
Brikie :zaf:
FuzChip :usa:
Kü§h :usa:
Vast0 :esa:
Ashhhh :eng:
MySalsa :ecu:
JDV :ned:

-db- Inactives: 5
Neo :ned:
lilDude :eng: :kor:
Voltag3 :eng:
D!rtyH :ger:
Trucka :eng:

=db= Recruits: 0
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Overshield Junkie
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